Private healthcare for your Porsche

Our Difference

What makes JAZ different? It’s something you can feel. When you drive your car out of our St Albans headquarters you’ll notice it feels peppier. More responsive. And that annoying little rattle has gone (it was a loose exhaust mounting bolt).

That’s not just down to the care we take, or our near-fanatical attention to detail – it’s also about experience. Having lived and breathed Porsches for a couple of decades now we’ve developed an expertise, and an approach, that makes all the difference.

We take servicing very seriously, in line with the factory’s set schedules. In fact, we go further. So if, for example, we find a squeaky window seal, or a missing grommet from your mirror bolts we fix it – all part of the service, all included in the price.

Repairs and restorations are always carried out to exacting Porsche specifications and, again, our attention to detail borders on the obsessive.

Engine rebuilds are another area where we admit to being perfectionists; all our engines are completely guaranteed and fully detailed. Transmission rebuilds – from a 356 gearbox/transaxle to a GT3 sequential unit – are another of our specialisations.

They say racing improves the breed. We say it also improves the shop, so we regulalry prepare race engines and historic cars like 1965 911 2.0 litre, 3.0 litre RSR’s, 914/6GT’s at prestigious events like Spa 6 hours and Le Mans Classic. Like fixing them – love driving them!

Jaz are delighted to win another GOLD in the 2016 911UK Porsche Awards...
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