Private healthcare for your Porsche


Gary - Gen 2 997 C4S

"Thanks for the great customer service yesterday. Makes all the difference. Will you also thank everyone who worked on my car and I look forward to using you again in the future."

Phil - 911S 1970 Coupe RHD

"The car is bloody brilliant. Thanks so much for persevering with it. I can't believe how much more smooth and powerful it is. I was busy on Saturday and couldn't get out in it but I had to take it out 1st thing Sunday just to make sure I wasn't dreaming."

Malcolm Thorne, Classic & Sports Car Magazine – Carrera RS

"The owner let me have a go in it, and it was by far the nicest Porsche I've ever driven. Top marks to everyone involved!"

Craig - 996 Turbo

"I would just like to commend your business with regard to the extremely high level of service I have just received.

Your team were very friendly whilst remaining professional at all times. I am a practical person so to have Warren explain in detail the various work s that have just been carried out on my car made the whole experience very satisfying which for me is a big part of owner ship of my Porsche. Believe me I have asked questions to other independents in the past, credit card in hand, only to be left feeling like my jobs don't really count for much in their workshop but this was most definitely not the case with you guys. Your mechanic who worked on my car (who's name I missed unfortunately) was superb and very polite, and the car was beautifully cleaned ready for collection.

Again this goes a long way in my book. Please pass this praise onto your team."

Andy – 993 C2

"Thanks Steve for supplying and fitting the engine under trays, I really do appreciate your kind gesture. I know it's a tad early but I would like to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and good luck with the move to St Albans, I look forward to seeing your new facility."

Martin - Boxster

"Thank you for helping me with the pre purchase inspection on the Boxster. Warren was great - I really appreciated his expert eye. I'm very impressed with the car especially the handling and precise steering."

Pedro - 993 C4S

"Just wanted to let you know that the car is running beautifully since you serviced it. Not sure if the white smoke made when starting up was related to the engine oil they had put in the US but it isn’t doing that white smoke anymore. Many thanks!"

Andrew – 996 C4

"Just got my car home after you serviced it / sorted bits out on it. First Porsche and thought it was great when I bought it but feels and drives even better.

Thanks for your service and professionalism when dealing with you. I'm glad I was recommended to you and hope to be dealing with you for many years as a Porsche owner."

Phil - 1970 911S engine fitted to a 911E

"Thanks very much for letting me observe you and Neil sorting out final engine adjustments on the dyno.

I’m really glad I was able to make as it was fascinating and gave me a much better appreciation as to why the dyno route you’d recommended was best in terms of getting the rebuilt engine properly sorted and set-up. As you said – it could have taken weeks or months to reach that point at probably greater expense given the need for repeated trial and error adjustments.

The fact that the engine was running so strongly and giving consistent power and torque readings “out of the box” is obviously down the meticulous care and effort put in by yourself and Dave during the build process. It seemed to me that relatively few tweaks and adjustments were required in the end to optimise performance and I can’t wait to feel the difference once the engine’s back in the car and I’m able to drive it.

Given the state of the engine pre-rebuild – I’m in for a real but very pleasant shock!"

Stacey - 996 Turbo

"Thanks for JAZ’s help with my 996 Turbo. There were so many annoying things that were bugging me with the car and the major service and all the work carried out has sorted it all out. The temperature and oil pressure gauges now appear to be bang on, and the wheel alignment has made the car feel much tighter. The refurbed wheels and the clean and vacuum have made me feel a lot better about the car too.

I’m not it’s first owner, but the cars definately running as good if not better than when I first bought it 12,000 miles ago, and to me it feels brand new.

Thanks for all the prompt work and keeping it within my budget and keeping me informed as to the progress, it was much appreciated. I’ll recommend you to my friend when his 911 needs a service."

Martin - 911

"I wanted to thank you for making such a good job of rebuilding the engine and sorting the suspension out. I collected it last week and drove it back to the car store and it felt so much better and much more confidence-inspiring to drive. I’ve not taken it over 5,000 rpm yet and will gradually do so when I drive it more in the Spring. It feels a lot quicker even now.

The new Bilsteins have made a difference that even I could sense. Even without them the car was a 1,000 times better after you’d set up the suspension heights and geometry (oh, and put 21st Century tyres on it), and with the Bilsteins it helps even more.

I feel like I’ve finally got the Porsche it should have always been. Thanks for all your help - it’s been greatly appreciated."

Mike - 3.2 911

"Got my white 3.2 back from Steve the weekend and finally, finally it’s the sweet running pocket rocket, I always new it should be.

No hesitation, no hunting at half throttle, no lumpy idle, just a constant silky stream of power. Now the car feels like it has an extra cylinder!"

David - 911

"Sorry mate cant talk now...still driving the car. I just can’t get out of it having too much fun.

Steve BLOODY AMAZING!!!! I’m not sure what you guys did but its going better than ever. I put my foot down (a little) driving home on the A41 ...and I had to hold on to my stomach as I think I left it back at the traffic lights.

Please thank Chris and Dave again - wonderful work."

Matthew - 911

"Many thanks for taking such care so as to look over the car so thoroughly its most appreciated even more so given the disappointing service and money I had wasted at another garage for no result."

Hamish - 911

"The car is great Steve – the handling absolutely transformed – I can’t believe what a difference its made. The engine seems great, and the gearbox definitely improved.

Nice work indeed. Btw – the engine really does look beautiful to boot."

Stuart - 911

"The car is going real well, handling is fantastic and feels like it is on rails...even though it was only a service the engine feels much freer revving. So very pleased with the results.

Thanks to you and the team for a great job."

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